Twin cut belt 1600DS8M20 1600-DS8M-20 1600-8M-20DD

If you are looking for your replacement twin cut belt such as 1600DS8M20, 1600-DS8M-20, 1600-8M-20DD … you find the right article ! Indeed STEIGENTECH has designed a complete range of dual sided rubber timing belt to replace OE original parts for all lawnmowers and ride on lawnmowers.


Our twin cut can fit the twin cut 102 deck timing belt and replace directly your original Castelgarden belt. STEIGENTECH offers twin cut timing belt for : ISEKI, JOHN DEERE, HONDA, STIGA, …

Also available, part numbers:

  • 1760-DS8M-20, 1760-8M-20-DD, CG35065600H0, 531005565, 6124 764 0900, 80481VK1003
  • 1760-DS8M-25, 1760-8M-25-DD, 1760RPP8M20DD, 1760-8M20DD, 6732, 7540260
  • 1800-DS8M-16, 1800-8M-16-DD, 1800RPP8M16DD, 1800-8M16DD
  • 1800-DS8M-24, 1800-8M-24-DD, 1800RPP8M24, 1800-8M24DD
  • 2000-DS8M-20, 2000-8M-20-DD, 2000-S8M20DD, 2000RPP8M20, 2000DS8M20DD, 9585-0096-01
  • 2600-DS8M-20, 2600-8M-20-DD, 2600-S8M20DD, 2600RPP8M20, 2600DS8M20DD, M133858, M150718
  • 2800-DS8M-30, 2800-8M-30-DD, 2800-S8M30DD, 2800RPP8M30DD, 8663-203-001-00
Section Twin Cut 2600DS8M20 STEIGENTECH

Section Twin Cut 2600DS8M20 STEIGENTECH


Our strong glass fiber tensile cords, both S and Z orientated will ensure perfect belt tracking; keep dimensional stability and flexibility with no elongation.
From both side, transmit equal power thanks to our perfect combination of best chloroprene and fiber grade materials, our rubber teeth compound offers tooth pitch matching and high wear as well as vibration resistance as found in many agricultural applications.  Our design for double sided type is perfect in twin blade sutting deck drives. STEIGENTECH belt will ensure the timing of the blades is kept constant to avoid any issue !!
Our special polyamide cover fabric will feature minimal friction, our cover fabric will allow perfect positive engagement with pulleys while ensuring great wear and abrasion resistance.

Our Twin cut belt 1600DS8M20 1600-DS8M-20 1600-8M-20DD equivalent to Castle Garden 350656000 1136-0436-01.  and should exceed or be equivalent to the original specifications.

We provide a complete set of products specifications and length range available at : STEIGENTECH DUAL SIDED TIMING BELT

The STEIGENTECH twin cut timing belt 1600DS8M20 are in stock, please consult: DRIVEPARTSDIRECT MOWERPARTSDIRECT