Polyurethane Xl, L, H, XH Timing Belt Flex Extruded Endless


To ensure even lower friction, to protect teeth in perfecting matching of pulleys, during production our belt can be coated with polyamide green cover fabric that will also reduce noise level.
This cover fabric is available on teeth side.
Master piece of those Endless Flexible belts, our extruded process is done on uninterrupted continuous spiral steel tension cord to make a truly endless belt.
As a result, these tension members will deliver high traction load, important breaking load while maintaining flexibility and virtually no elongation.
Even in case of shock or load surge, our extruded high grade 92 shore A thermoplastic polyurethane body, will deliver a clean wear and fatigue resistance, teeth rigidity and stability.


• Oil, grease and to some acids and alkali resistance
• Linear speed up to 70 m.s-1, high abrasion resistance, resistant to ageing, hydrolysis and ozone
• Temperature range from -20°C up to +80°C
• Meets RoHS and REACH requirements


Thanks to polyurethane’s excellent position precision and high tensile forces, our Extruded Endless Flexible belts are suitable for a multitude of drive design of linear motion systems and synchronous conveying system.
Applications requiring long length belt are usually conveying applications but can also concern spindle drives, winding machines or other synchronous operations.
Also ideal to use the back thanks to wide variety of possible backing, coating or cleats, please consult us.