Using high grade compound, with several layers, our Polyurethane (PU) coating is a well designed belt surface available with various properties and finishing matching your specific application requirements.
Our Polyester fabric will ensure flexibility, lateral and longitudinal stability and can be available with light or heavy construction.
Our fabric is perfectly impregnated to protect the fibers from external aggression.


• High flexibility even at low temperatures
• Very good abrasion resistance
• Good resistance to fats and oils
• Odor-free (no migration of plasticizers)
• FDA Compliant on request
• Meets RoHS and REACH requirements


Our PU light conveying belt is responding to higher demanding applications, allowing to be used on transfer points, even oily and fat environment, and high temperature resistance.
Our PU conveying belts are perfectly suitable for forming line, spreading belt, indeed, control and inspection line, discharging belts as well as any other continuous or discontinuous process applications.
Convenient to be used in any general food conveying or processing applications, applications from bakery, fish, chocolate, cheese, frozen conveyors or even poultry, vegetables and meat.