V-belts, multi ribbed Belts, Timing Belts,

Conveying Belts and Rubber Sheet


Reliable Alternative


Thanks to robust design and production processes as well as daily quality control management, what you expect is what you get: a SteigenTech program you can rely on as a formidable switch alternative that works!

Smart Products


To respond to a wide variety of industries or applications, we design and manufacture a large and features-rich range of power transmission and conveying belts in class products that have been strongly engineered towards meeting the needed standards without unnecessary added costs.

Trustable Experience


You can trust our decades of valuable experiences on a global scale to back up your decision. Already well respected in many key countries, we are one of the top global players.
Why choose Steigentech?

Just Enough
Our rubber and plastic product‘s specifications are strongly built to meet the standard and the features requested in Europe. This means for you a guarantee of a risk free switch. SteigenTech means “rising technologies”, it is a true alternative that works!
No Concession on
Quality The quality you expect for the features you require, no concession is made on our quality. We are capable to manufacture with a repetitive quality over time on best global standard. Service We understand that you rely upon us and we cherish that trust with a right from the first time mentality. Engineering We engineered our portfolio with high-grade compounds in Elastomer, PU (polyurethane) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) made from molded, grinded or extruded robust processes and delivered in sleeves, open-ended or closed belts.
Rich Complete Range
We cover areas from friction, synchronous and light weight conveying belting to semi-finished rubber products. We design and manufacture products such as V-Belts, Banded Belts, Ribbed Belts, Timing Belts as well as Rubber, PVC or PU Flat Belts and a multitude of elastomer Rolls or Matts.
Formidable Reliability
Our entire products range is backed up with a comprehensive line of support services, product application, research and development, quality control procedures and production management regulations.
Speaking Authoritatively
Over the last 25 years, we have accumulated and built up a vast amount of applications, products, processes and practical experiences. Since we work across a wide variety of industries, you can trust our judgment on the products and services we sell.
A Global Player
With 150M$ annual turn over and a work force of 2000 employees, we are already well established and respected in Africa, South America, USA, and Australia. In fact, we are one of the worldwide top players.
5-Top reasons to become our Distributor

A majority of applications do not require the most expensive high spec products. A SteigenTech’s product is tailor made to fit pragmatically the European standard specifications, and to last a long service life without unnecessary added costs, away from current first-class brands with their premium prices. We own the largest rubber belt’s production unit under one roof in the world. Our production’s capabilities are modern, fully integrated and would be the envy of any manufacturers in our industry. All our employees are dedicated to provide service and care that not only meets but also exceeds our partner’s expectations. We will be proud to show you our several production facilities. Just Enough… Think SteigenTech!
Considering the current economic difficulties, SteigenTech is launching at a perfect timing. Indeed, SteigenTech is the unique combination of great product positioning, already well respected in other key regions in the world applying technologies, and for a very fair competitive cost. This means for you, as a value added reseller, a true opportunity to generate additional profitable business. Today for you, even truer than ever before, growing means taking share from your competitor: this is the best value you could expect from a manufacturer, and SteigenTech can deliver it. Now is the time for a new aspect to our business – a product that still completes the task with formidable reliability, also offers a smart alternative, and the opportunity for business growth. Please try it!
We achieved to apply the logical concept of Just Enough in both rubber and plastic proven technologies, to encompass the ranges of Power Transmission belts, Synchronous and Linear Position belts, Light Weight Conveying Belting Systems and Industrial Rubber Sheeting and Matting. As you will see on this web site, or when going through our exhaustive products sales catalogue, we can cover most of our industry products. In that way, SteigenTech allows you to do one stop shopping and thus make further margin contribution. Quality is very important to us and we have a continual drive to uphold and improve it. We aim to provide the highest product and service quality from design to delivery cross our entire range. Please think again!
Our executives are coming from Europe, USA and of course, Asia (China and Japan). All our energetic leaders have decades of engineering or sales experience in power transmission and belting markets. On an international scale, they have already successfully demonstrated their capabilities for different European and American leading brands. They know deeply your market, that means you can talk to people who really understand the key success factors relating to your industry, and thus not only get product and market insights but also receive combined business opportunity advisory to penetrate further, faster your market and on the long run. We are different from current premium manufacturers; our cooperation is friendly with a more personal and traditional way of how we deal with the partner we work with. Please test us!
We are now starting the qualification and the recruitment of our VAR (Value Added Resellers) future partners in Europe and North Africa. The first ones to join the SteigenTech program will be the first to enjoy its benefits and potential in their area. Please contact us now!

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