A new product opportunity for Europe

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The same robust quality with improved value combined to a traditional way of doing business

Now is the time for a new aspect to our business – a product that still completes the task with formidable reliability, yet also offers a smart alternative and the opportunity for business growth.

The combination of both people-oriented business and intelligent product positioning means that SteigenTech® technologies are already well-respected throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas – and has been for more than two decades.

We have been able to achieve this by offering an alternative that works. Rubber and Plastic Technologies that will not only complete the job for less costs, but are also presented in combination with a more personal and traditional way of how we deal with the people that we work with.

How we offer the chance to think SteigenTech®!

We keep to this traditional and personal style of business in order to honor our humble beginnings. Our company was founded over 20 years ago in China as a family business in a small, local factory. Our growth and success are due to these business values, and we have grown from a family business to be a 150 million USD company, with a product produced in a modern and high tech factory that would be the envy of any in the industry.

With offices worldwide, our product is well-established throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas because we offer a logical and pragmatic way of getting the job done to the required standard, without unnecessary added costs – and that is what we can now bring to European businesses:
A risk-free switch – away from current premium brands with premium pricing, to an honest combination: of not only fair costs, but also a fair and people-based way of doing business.

SteigenTech® proven technology: Just Enough

SteigenTech® means ‘rising technology’ – our products and systems are rooted in a successful history, yet are now tailored to European specifications. The theory of ‘Just Enough’ provides the key business tool: value. It gives the quality you expect and the features you require – yet with a cost that works both on the product and within budget.

The logical concept of ‘Just Enough’ technology encompasses rubber and plastic, throughout the ranges of SteigenTech® Power Transmission belts, Synchronous and Linear Position belts, Light Weight Conveying Belting Systems and Industrial Rubber Sheeting and Matting.

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