• Light-Duty-Fractional-horsepower-belts-3L-4L-5L

    STEIGENTECH Fractional Horsepower Belts FHP 3L 4L 5L

    Fractional-horsepower-V-Belts FHP 3L 4L 5L  STEIGENTECH offers from stock a complete range of Fractional Horsepower V-Belts 3L, 4L and 5L Our light duty fractional horsepower are ideal for light duty drive even including backside idler. Applications could be aggregate and cement, HVAC, mining equipment, etc. Our dry fractional horsepower...

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  • Moulded Elastic Ribbed EPJ roller conveyor

    STEIGENTECH offers elastic ribbed EPJ for roller

    STEIGENTECH offers moulded elastic ribbed EPJ for roller conveyor. Elastic Ribbed EPJ for roller conveyor for all your applications of power rolled conveyor : – of 50mm with 43 mm endcap or 60mm endcap, – from center distance from 50mm to 173mm, – STEIGENTECH has a complete range of elastic ribbed EPJ...

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  • EPDM CRE High Performance

    Cogged V-Belts STEIGENTECH offers EPDM Raw Edge

    Cogged EPDM range includes XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC as well as 3VX, 5VX and AVX10 or AVX 13. Available for both single sided V-Belts or banded V-Belts. Cogged V-Belts high performance are produced in reverse moulded with high precision, completely match free, those cogged raw edge moulded offers 40% more power than traditional...

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